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Sasha Loobkoff Sasha Loobkoff Sasha Loobkoff Sasha Loobkoff Sasha Loobkoff Sasha Loobkoff

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Sasha Loobkoff is a multidisciplinary Art Director with a focus on Print, Web and Interactive Media. >> Resume His design sensibilities run from whimsical to corporate but always clean, clear and intuitive. >> Resume

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Sasha's greatest strength is his flexibility – utilizing decades of Print, Web, Mobile & Motion experience to provide clients with a "Full Service Agency" list of capabilities. His recent focus has largely been in emerging tech markets (Gaming/Esports, Mobile Television & Virtual Reality), But he has also maintained a solid clientele rooted in traditional entertainment (Record Industry & Television Development).

Prior to his most recent role as Creative Director at UMV, Sasha designed for numerous publications and ad agencies, working with diverse clients such as Apple, Wells Fargo, Palm, The Los Angeles Times, Intel, PG&E, and more.

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