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A flexible, cost-effective in-branch sales program.
That's Visa Your Way.

Visa Your Way has a little something for everyone. By targeting both consumers and employees, it's a flexible, cost-effective way to increase Visa credit and check card sales and enhance the quality of service provided by branch employees.

Greater sales and strengthening customer relationships are easy with Visa Your Way.

Visa Your Way easily motivates both employees and customers by combining the following individual components:
  • Employee training
  • Employee incentives
  • Customer promotion

An exciting way to train employees and build customer loyalty.

The Visa Card Training Program is a quick and easy way to enhance your employees' selling capabilities. It includes a self-study guide and quick reference card that provide your employees with the confidence and knowledge they need to effectively sell the Visa credit or check card.

The Visa Your Way Employee Incentive Program allows you to motivate employees with branch-level recognition and prize drawings. It gives employees who sell Visa cards the chance to win a trip anywhere in the U.S.

The Customer Promotion, "Escape Your Way," offers your customers the chance to win a trip to any destination in the world. One lucky winner is drawn to win this fabulous grand prize.

You'll appreciate the ease of choosing the product, the time, the program components and the materials to meet your objectives and budget with these turnkey marketing materials.

Two opportunities to participate, with two sets of dates to remember...


Deadline for   

Deadline for   

Delivery Date   
   Feb. 1 - Mar. 31,

   Dec. 15, 2000

   Dec. 22, 2000

   Jan. 15, 2001
   Apr. 1 - May 31,

   Feb. 15,2001

   Feb. 23, 2001

   Mar. 15, 2001

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Now you have more ways to sign up for the program. You can enroll by phone or through the online order form you'll find here. Click on the full program detail link above to obtain complete sign-up details.

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